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The Rodeo Terrorists play around with synthesisers, loops and things that make funny squelchy noises, the result of which are tunes that they quite like.

Rodeo Terrorists
Name : Rodeo Terrorists
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twitter : @rodeoterrorists

In the summer of 2006 the Rodeo Terrorists got their first Apple Mac, it was raining, they got drunk on home-brew beer and discovered the simple joys of Garageband.


Their musical influences are best described as eclectic, growing up in the 1970's they scratched numerous LP's (most of which they still have) on the family hi-fi , the sounds of rock, classical, country, disco and avant-garde filled the air, along with Lego bricks, train sets & anything electrical & electronic that could be taken apart with a soldering iron. By the mid 80's they were leading a charmed life of singing in a choir, playing the piano and bassoon, while programming sequencers and their Yamaha DX-7.


Somewhere along the line they got lost in that field in Hampshire, their jeans went baggy and hair grew long . Finding an abandoned BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-550 drum machine in a charity shop & overnight they became full time techno ravers. Inspired by the gods of techno, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, The Orb, KLF, 808:State, Orbital, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and many to many to mention, the Rodeo Terrorist knew that they could do that music thing to but probably not a well (obviously). Early incarnations of the Rodeo Terrorists included Drago5 a techno DJ and The Lady Marmalade, an indy outfit who appeared in a Ride video (though not really on camera!).


Music is for entertainment and the Rodeo Terrorists shy away from serious commercial exposure, though if their tunes do get played on the radio, supermarket or lift even, they would grin from ear to ear!



we have recorded some tunes and put them on sale, but most of them can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud




Google Play



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    2013 - Super Massive (robot dancer)
    2015 - And Spin
    2015 - Reborn
    2016 - Love
    2018 - FourSeven
    2019 - Prairie Song
    2019 - Projekt Fear

  • b


    2010 - Lucky #13
    2011 - Head Space Variations
    2012 - Last Man Standing
    2013 - Big Metal Bird

  • f


    2012 - Breathe - Defusion (feat Julia Dowler)
    2016 - I don't want to go work - The Boy From Space
    2016 - Feel It - Mila And The Mellotrons

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    Garage Band, Logic Pro X, Novation X-Station & Mininova

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